The Ericis team specialises in the design, (re)development, realisation and sustainability of real estate. Our team of architects, engineers and project managers possesses all the necessary expertise for the (re)development of real estate. In addition, our team of professional estate managers ensures well-organised and secure industrial estates.

We offer appropriate support to private parties and institutional investors who wish to carry out national and/or international projects. Our specialists can manage and execute the development and construction process wholly or in part. That way, we ensure the best solution for your organisation.

We are your partner in the design, consultancy, estate management and project management of successful developments and high quality technical solutions. We are the experts in transforming outdated office premises into beautiful spaces where many companies wish to be located! We can deliver turnkey projects if desired.

Sustainability is a priority for Ericis. We are future-oriented and therefore opt for an innovative and sustainable methodology. We do this by applying the latest developments in the field of solar, wind and water applications, which have an important and positive effect on improving your building’s energy efficiency rating. We deliver the ultimate combination of sustainability and optimal quality.

The real estate market is evolving continually, so at Ericis, we are always up-to-date on new, contemporary standards. Our design team can create indispensable and inspirational workplaces for you. For example, an appealing design, central reception, informal meet & greet spaces and meeting rooms.


Ericis’ estate managers handle the security, habitability, sustainability and accessibility of industrial estates on behalf of local authorities and entrepreneurs. We are practical, results-oriented and bold in our approach.


Ericis: sustainable, innovative and versatile